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4F, 1M  comedy/drama

Turns out, high school boys aren't the only ones trying to get laid. 
Filthy, funny, and relentlessly honest, this provocative new play follows four New York teens as they stumble towards the brink of womanhood. Together they do their best to navigate their newfound sexuality, autonomy, and all that it means to grow up girl in the digital age. This is unapologetic girlhood... and it isn't always pretty.



4F, 1M  comedy/drama


Eleanor is gay, she says. Alma isn’t, she says. And Maria, Alma’s recently divorced mother, is crashing at their apartment. Alma’s boyfriend asks the wrong questions about Eleanor’s stripping career; Maria asks the rights ones. And since Alma has already heard all of Eleanor’s theories on love and sexuality, it’s nice to have a new set of ears.


3F, 1M  comedy/drama 

(Work in Progress) If you watch beauty videos on YouTube, you know who Breauna Grant is. Bre’s success allows her to live lavishly, and she’s more than happy to take her older sister Seren, a recovering addict, along for the ride. Then Seren invites a friend fresh out of rehab to crash at the mansion, and the lines of who-deserves-what get blurry.

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